PajurantaHolidayHomes is a fisherman’s paradise. Rantakallio, Villa Tarula and Villa Niemelä are on the shore of Haapalahti. Haapalahti is an excellent pike and zander lake. Along the canal, you can also get to the bigger Simpelejärvi to fish for pike, zander and perch. Hiekkaranta is on the shore of Lake Simpeliärvi

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Simpelejärvi Episode 1 and Simpelejärvi Episode 2.

Matti and pike
Depth map of Haapalahti and Simpelejärvi
Through the canal, you can go from Haapalahti to Simpeleiärvi The height of the boat from the surface of the water is about 1.5 m, if higher you have to descend from Särkisalmi.
At the red dot 4052 there is a boat launch where you can launch your own boat