Villa Rock Saimaa in Punkaharju is rented in the summer. Exchange day Sunday. Pets for the same price


8.9-15.9 350 euros

15.9-22.9 350 euros

22.9-29.9 350 euros

and October weeks 350 euros

Mikko Sukanen  built a small red cottage on top of a cliff on the shore of Saimaa. Mikko was not the size of a basketball player, so there was no need to have a high ceiling in the hut. A barn was built in the yard for a few cows, pigs, chickens and a horse. A smoke sauna was built at the foot of the slope. The sauna rotted and has already been demolished. Mikko cultivated small fields, took care of forests and, of course, fished in the common fishing waters with Norpa in Saimaa. At times, there was plenty of water grain even for sale. The family grew, more space was needed. An extension was made from the board. Rumor has it that at the base of the fir tree, pontika could be cooked for the little one’s evening pleasure. When Netflix hadn’t been invented yet, friends had to sauna and play cards for the fun of the evening. In time, Mikko was buried in the nearby Vuoriniemi cemetery. The cottage was left to the children. The cows were put in the car, the pigs were eaten and moved to the city. Years passed and the use of the resort decreased. Only dear memories remained and the cottage was put up for sale.
Mika bought the cottage to be demolished. Building a new one is hard work and expensive. The enthusiasm wasn’t enough. Last spring, we repaired the cabin by renovating the surface and installing water pipes and drains. Electricity is also completely new. Six-year-old Sisu did the final inspection: This is a really cozy cabin.

The cottage has been rented for two summers. There have been great customers and everyone has had a good time. Welcome to a holiday in a traditional country landscape and a traditional cottage with modern equipment, except for the dishwasher.

The cabin has a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, a washroom and an entrance hall
The kitchen has an electric stove, fridge/freezer, microwave, coffee maker, kettle, toaster, cutlery and cold and warm water.
The washroom is completely new, cold and hot water, toilet seat, shower, sink and washing machine.

Down on the beach, a separate log sauna with a dressing room and a large living room. Porch. Cold pressurized water enters the sauna. Warm water from the chimney heater.
A bed spread out in the sauna’s living room, a small kitchen.
A terrace in the sauna and a pier on the beach/diving at your own risk and a boat.

Suitable for 4 adults and children. There is a steep slope to the beach, so it is not suitable for people with reduced mobility. Villa Rock Saimaa is especially suitable for those who appreciate traditional Finnish countryside and buildings.

In Haavistonlahti it is possible to see the Saimaa norpa. Last summer’s customer photographed a norpa jumping on a rock many times. Nearby extensive forest areas for camping and picking berries. Pets welcome, no extra charge.

We have a full cancellation guarantee, money back or we will postpone the holiday. You can book the cabin completely safely


You’re very welcome to enjoy yourselves at the coast of Saimaa!


  • House build about 1930 and renovated in 2021.
  • 40 square meters in one stories, 1 bedrooms, kitchen, entrance hall,  bathroom and living rooms.
  • 2 + 2 beds, so easily room for up to 4 people! (linen come at an additional charge)
  • Plenty of parking space and an electrical outlet in the yard.
  • A big garden.  Very nice to use for relaxing and barbequing…
  • Also a separate Sauna for sleeping.


  • Sauna located in a separate, 20 square meter building.
  • Heated with firewood. Plenty of firewood on location!
  • A separate dressing room, and livingroom  in the same building.
  • Built in 1985  but completely renovated in 2010!

The lot and it’s surroundings :

  • Located in Punkaharju Vuoriniemi, 3000 square meters.
  • Located at the coast of Saimaa, it’s less than 20 meters from the sauna to the lake!
  • 40 meters of shoreline.



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