Contact information and location

You can reach me via phone at the number 044 548 0131. If I'm already talking on the phone or I don't answer for one reason or another, please try again in a few moments.

E-mail requests and such can be sent to the following address: matti.siitonen at (replace the at with @ and remove the extra spaces).

The location of the summerhouse:

The summerhouse is only 400 meters away from the paved road called "Särkilahdentie 4063". The exact location can be found from this map: The map will open up to a new window. You can click on the pictures below to see the actual turns and roadsigns you need to follow.

Alternatively, here's the location shown on Google Maps:

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A few of the most important cities nearby and their distance to Raikala:

  • Savonlinna - 60 kilometers
  • Imatra - 65 kilometers
  • Lappeenranta - 100 kilometers