Contact information and location

You can reach me via phone at the number 044 548 0131. If I'm already talking on the phone or I don't answer for one reason or another, please try again in a few moments.

E-mail requests and such can be sent to the following address: matti.siitonen at (replace the at with @ and remove the extra spaces).

The location of the Villa:

The Villa is only 400 meters away (via the road, towards the lake) from the location shown below. Unfortunately Google Maps doesn't show the exact location since the small road leading to Villa Niemelä isn't shown. A gravel road leads all the way up to Villa Niemelä, so you don't have to worry about where to leave your car. Precise driving instructions will be added here soon, with pictures to help navigation. And you can always call me if you need directions or further information on the location.

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A few of the most important cities nearby and their distance to Villa Niemelä:

  • Savonlinna - 60 kilometers
  • Imatra - 65 kilometers
  • Lappeenranta - 100 kilometers